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Happy start of summer

Well, the Blockbuster season has begun and "San Andreas" is hot out of the gates!  I have not ventured to see it and not really sure if I am.  The previews look a lot like "2012", remember that John Cusack hit?

Well, I saw the Parade magazine in last week's Sunday paper and it's cover was something I've said a few times over the last several months is that this is the 40th Anniversary of the first ever BLOCKBUSTER!.

The Summer of 1975 was the first time I paid $3 for a movie.  Over the past couple of years it had been $2, $2.25.  But $3 !  That's a huge increase, especially for a 15 year old.  But this movie was somehow different, somehow bigger, a must see, everybody was talking about it.....I had to go.  Even sitting in the second row, three seats from the far left....I had to go.  What was it.

Steven Spielberg's JAWS.....dun dun dun dun.

Really one of the greatest movies ever made.  Sound track, acting, suspense.  Robert Shaw's Quint is still the greatest Supporting Acting job in my Academy.

So, in commemearation of the 40th Anniversary of Jaws, I am doing my first Movie2  A composite of Individual Squares from the same movie.  To be a true Movie2 however, it must be a SQUARE itself, so any Movie2 that I do will have either 4 (22) , 9 (32) or 16 (42) though I doubt I will ever take the time to do 16 of one film. 

This will be set of 4 and of course have Shaw, Dreyfuss and Schneider.  You'll have to wait until they are released to see which character will don the 4th Square.  Larry the Mayor?  Ellen Brody? 

Expected Release Date June 23rd at the Artizan on Bull in Columbia SC.

I want to thank everybody that came out to the Artizan on May 1.  It was a great turnout and two of the my Squares sold as well as a Commission which you will note as Ann-Margret above.  Also during that evening one of my limited edition "First 16" sold.  It's an 11" x 11" composite of the first sixteen Hollywood2 squares.  And it is so limited, only 16 will be printed and hand signed by moi. 

I also would like to announce that I have a much smaller grouping being shown in the Kraft Draft, a new Kraft beer establishment west of Lexington.  Two sold the first night we put it out!


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