Steve is an Award winning artist, most recent being a 2010 Color Pencil on Pastelboard titled "Tastings" which won 1st Place in the 7th Annual Seven Oaks Art League Competition.  Also in the fall of 2010, his Color Pencil pointillism "Before they're Wine"  won the Dr. John J. O'Neal Fine Art Merit Award from the South Carolina State Fair.


Steve lives on Lake Murray in the Midlands of South Carolina with his wife Cindy, Jack Russell Warner and two cats Waylon and Willie.Steve Teets



Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small dots of differing colors are appied in patterns to form the image.  Paul Signac and Georges Seurat developed the technique in the late 1880's branching from the forms of Impressionism of the times.


An offshoot of Pointillism, this style most resembles the Mosaic patterns of glass and jewelry work but in the two dimensional world of Color Pencil.  

With a keen eye on color distribution, small oddly shaped tiles are blended together to create an eye-popping work of art.  

FLAPPING COLOR, is the fifth one of his Mosaic-Pointillism's and his second most popular.  
Prints of PINK, FLAPPING COLOR and  BLACK VELVET are available.
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