And Portraits too?


Kurt Warner Framed Original is $ 495.00


Violina Romanza original is Framed and for sell for $ 245.00

Portrait Services

Steve offers Portrait services.  Most of the work he does is in color pencil and he is open to a variety of subjects as you will note above.  The top portrait was commissioned and is 12" tall by 24" long and hangs in a private collection.  Kurt Warner's "Raminal" is 18" x 18" and available for purchase.  "Violina Romanza" is also 18" x 18" and the original is also available.  The Elvis sketch to the right is from 1981 and I've included here, because I am a HUGE Elvis Presley fan.

Color Pencil Portraits are priced from $2 to $2.50 a square inch.  Please send me an email with  your thoughts and a picture of the subject and let's talk.  I love to do that!