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The above is another triptych of birds.  The Water Fowl series.  The Originals are in 18" x 24" frames with 10" square openings (like on the title page) The set of 3 is $465.00.


Limited Edition of 25 sets, artist signed available.

 Welcome to Steve Teets' Hollywood Squared NEWS & MUSE and Calendar Page 

Here is where you will find Steve's first Blog, predominately a News and Muse about his series of Celebrity 5"x 5" Artworks.  What he's done, why'd he do them and where you can find them.  Plus opinions on Movies, TV and the Stars in them.

You will also find his Calendar of Events, detailing where he's showing and release dates and teaser "Coming Attractions"

And he welcomes feedback and communication, though be patient, he takes him time, but he will get back to you.   Mail him at
HELLO on MARCH 24, 2015

I am just into my third month of this fun aspect of my art and decided to start giving you all (whoever you all are) my thoughts concerning them.  As mentioned above, I will also let you know what I'm working on and then when and where they would become available.

Movies, Art and Collecting Stuff

I love doing Art.  I also love Movies.  And I, like many of you, also love collecting stuff.  I have a pretty nice little collection of Rams football cards and Elvis Presley LPs.

After I finished Eastwick, which is shamelessly shown on Page 1 of this website, I fell in love with the graphic nature of the colors and shading.  So I took a 5" x 5" clayboard and proceeded to do a little portrait of Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke.
It was pretty cool.

So I did Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, then quickly added Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry.


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